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Re: GNUstep version number(s) (was: Re: GNUstep article (was: Re:gnustep

From: M. Grabert
Subject: Re: GNUstep version number(s) (was: Re: GNUstep article (was: Re:gnustep compared to other toolkits))
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 03:17:02 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Chris B. Vetter wrote:

> The hype around KDE and GNOME is based on their being different to
> any window manager at the point of time they emerged but being similar
> to Weendoze, making a transition much easier.

that's true. Especially KDE is alot like Windows (arglll).

> Most complaints about KDE I hear about most still is it's sluggish
> behaviour, while the turmoil in GNOME's development crew will/might
> scare a lot of people.
> > > I think there is a real opportunity for GNUstep here. Make it easy,
> > > simple and elegant.
> It already IS simple with respect to functionality and usability (from
> a user's point of view) - AND it is elegant or, in other words,
> visually pleasant.

well, I think GNUstep should be easy, simple and elegant, but not
necessarily ALL the apps (I'm not talking about the GUI here).
I think the GWorkspace.ap should include a browser with has
the capability to handle all kind of files and protocols.
It's NOT the job of GWorkspace.app to open/edit those files, nor
to handle the full protocols (ftp, http). I think more of using
bundles and external apps here

> > of course! but since the GUI developed since the last days of NeXT,
> > we should make enhancements to the Workdesk. E.G. fully integration
> > of internet services (ftp, http) to the GNUstep GUI etc.
> That would be a direct confrontation to the UNIX philosophy:
> One tool per task. Better to have one tool, which does exactly
> what it is expected to do, than a tool which can do multiple things
> but not one of them in a perfect way (eg Outlook).

you misunderstood (or better: I didn't express myself clearly enough):
That's not the point - we can conform to the unix philosophy; we
just use a wrapper called GWorkspace.app (or something else)
to use all the services we need for like a single huge app.

> > Moreover themes and nifty feature is what people want.
> Eeeks, themes again.

I like themes alot. So everything (GNOME, Gtk-apps) looks like OPENSTEP ;)
No, to be honest, I don't use themes at all and I don't care about themes.
But that's what the people want. If we say, we want to make a
OpenStep-compliant API, we don't need themes at all (and probably no NeXT
fan wants them). But If we want to make GNUstep an alternative to GNOME
and KDE, we NEED it ... at least someday!

> > > Let's make GNUstep the turn-key desktop environment for Linux.
> > this is going to be a VERY hard job!
> Not if it obviously is superior to others - though history tells us
> a different story (eg Weendoze) ...

that's want I mean. So how many OpenStep developers do you know ?
Or even MacOS/Cocoa developer ?? Or people who know what GNUstep, 
OpenStep, Cocoa, NeXT and ObjectiveC is ???
It is superior, but nobody cares, the same for smalltalk or other cool
stuff (befunge ;). But because why ? I don't know exactly.
Perhaps because GNUstep is not mature enough for GUI apps, or OPENSTEP
was/is too expensive. There are just not enough deleopers and apps.
And GNUstep is VERY last for the linux desktop competition.
Do users (non-developers) care about Object-Orientated Programming,
Bundles, Dynamic Binding ? Not at all. They want stable, usable,
unique GUI apps. If GNUstep has to rule the market, we need apps
that are AT LEAST as good as all the basic apps for GOME/KDE (sorry for
shouting). I think there is no other reason why users should decide
to switch to GNUstep (except there would be a killer-app written in
GNUstep everybody wants).

> > > My .01 Euro :-)
> > just 0.1 euro ? it's less than 1 cent! Moreover small Euro-money is
> > also called cent, so ...
> What the heck is an Euro? Is it edible?
One upon a time, there was a continent consisting of many countries.
They tried several time before to form a union with a unified currency,
but now it seems they succeed (1.1.2002). This new currency is called
Euro (former know as Ecu), divided into 100 cents/Euro. (Now fiction:)
But unfortunately after a while nobody wanted the new money anymore, so
all countries decided to split again and everybody was happy again ;)

Well, most people really don't know what the should think about the
Euro, and many people don't trust it or even don't like it.
For me it is an interesting experiment which might have more
advantages than disandvantages. Let's wait and see!

To answer you question: yes, it is edible, but it might kill you.

greeting max

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