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Re: Bazaar migration status?

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: Bazaar migration status?
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 12:43:16 -0400
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Daniel Clemente <address@hidden> writes:
>   How will people be able to track progress on this? Maybe via Emacs' or 
> Savannah's bug tracker?
>   There's a similar request for this in Savannah ([1]) but it's outdated and 
> development has stopped.
> [1]: http://savannah.gnu.org/support/?106612

Not stopped, just stalled.  I'm back on it now, though note that Sylvan
Beucler has been the one actually doing the work on Savannah.

I just filed https://savannah.gnu.org/support/index.php?106951 to
request that Bazaar be upgraded to 1.17 on Savannah, so we'll have
support for the "2a" format (see the notes about Loggerhead there).

I've also updated http://savannah.gnu.org/support/?106612 to point to
#106951.  It wasn't clear how to formally express the dependency
relationship (at the bottom of #106612, the UI implies it's possible, by
saying "Depends on the following items: None found"... but I don't see
where to actually _create_ a dependency), so I just put the reference in
a comment.

In a separate post, I'll hit up Jason Earl and Andreas Schwab yet again
to create a "2a" format Emacs Bazaar repository, and hopefully this will
be The One this time.


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