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Re: The load path

From: Andreas Vögele
Subject: Re: The load path
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 15:38:41 +0100
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Rob Browning writes:

> One of the simlplest solutions is to load all the files in a
> well-specified /etc dir in some order.  That's what Marius proposed,
> and that's what Debian tends to do, both with Emacs, and with
> various other things (ppp, ifup, cron, rc.?, etc.).

All this could be done from init.scm without changing Guile.  The only
thing that would be required is a new command-line option that
inhibits loading of init.scm so that users may skip the site-wide

IMHO it would be okay to distribute an init.scm that loads init files
from a directory with Guile.  But please make it optional.  Packagers
could then decide whether to use that init.scm or not.  I don't see
why things that can be done outside of the Guile core should go into
the core.  The way Emacs loads init files on Debian is also not part
of Emacs and the same is true of ifup, cron etc.

What makes me especially wary is the fact that people have mentioned
Debian's init.d system in this thread.  I use Debian at work and at
home but I've never liked System V init scripts.  And Debian's
incarnation is by far the worst implementation of that scheme that
I've ever seen.

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