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[h-e-w] Fwd: Re: Control frame size on startup from .emacs

From: Neil J Mackie
Subject: [h-e-w] Fwd: Re: Control frame size on startup from .emacs
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 10:07:46 +0100

First, some background to put what I'm about to say in context.

I'm a long standing emacs user, from 1990, and I have been on various emacs mailing lists throughout that time. I'm not familiar with how the various flavours of emacs (gnuemacs, xemacs, ntemacs) have evolved during that time so I dont know how emacs for Windows is currently developing/developed. However I am _very_ concerned about the trend recently to introduce the use of features of the Windows OS to emacs, examples are the use of registry keys and installers.

I use emacs on Windows in my daily work, in situations where the use of an application that is not authorised by management is a sacking offence. Management has never heard of emacs and would not approve its use if asked. However I can get by with emacs as an executable and a set of text(.el & .elc) files. If necessary I can run emacs from a CD so the C drive is not 'corrupted' by it.

The use of installers and registry keys by emacs will prevent me using it, as there is no way I am allowed to modify the registry or run an installer. The corporate environment just does not allow it. The OS image is created once and stamped on hundreds of PCs across the organisation from a 3rd party support organisation 100s or 100s of miles away. The first step taken by support, should you call them, is most likely to reformat your C drive and restamp it with the current image.

I'm unsure how much of the recent discussion on this list about registry keys and installers is official emacs policy, I just want to let the developers know that using these things will prevent me using emacs anywhere other than at home. Is that what they want?

Neil (J Mackie).

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