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[h-e-w] Re: Control frame size on startup from .emacs

From: Neil J Mackie
Subject: [h-e-w] Re: Control frame size on startup from .emacs
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 12:12:50 +0100

Lennart provided some helpful information about his installer and then asked
What is unacceptable here? Why is it so?

So I thought I'd try to provide some constructive comment by rerunning the installer.

I started here
which on line 2 referred me to
which on line 2 referred me to
which on line 1 referred me to

For someone unfamiliar with these web sites a circular set of references like this is not helpful. From a beginners point of view, which of the three pages should they study?

I decided to study
I followed the link in the first paragraph to 'Emacs Installer' expecting to get a download but got a link to a section further down the page. Even that did not have a link for a download. I have looked at the whole page but cannot find an emacs installation to download. If I had found this page, with its title "Emacs Installation" via a search engine I'd be puzzled as to why there was not a link to an emacs installation I could download.

To get a download I have to go to
then to
then to
which is a directory listing. None of the files there are large enough to contain emacs. Your email said
2) You can use the emacs*tar.gz file from the setup utility (it will unpack it for you).

I did download the .zip from the directory and confirmed it did not contain emacs.

I'm now completely confused, because the installer I downloaded a couple of weeks ago for home use did include emacs. I dont think its just me, I think anyone who was unfamiliar with the subject would be equally confused.

If you post a link to an emacs installer I'll download it and provide more feedback.

Neil (J Mackie).

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