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Re: Improvement on parallel make

From: Brendan Heading
Subject: Re: Improvement on parallel make
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 14:03:56 +0000

Christophe Lyon writes:
Sure, it's not difficult to replace
all: all-subdir all-local
   $(MAKE) all-subdir
$(MAKE) all-local but, I don't want to introduce *recursive* calls to make.

If you want to call a third party Makefile, you've got no choice. You already have a recursive make, parallel or not. BTW your example won't build those two targets in parallel, even if parallel compilation is possible. I'd consider the way you've done this to be bad practice. Instead I'd have all: all-subdir all-local .PHONY all-subdir all-local
$(MAKE) <whatever>
$(MAKE) <whatever2> If I wanted to make it clear that these had to be serialized, I'd just add all-local: all-subdir I find that prettier than the .WAIT syntax. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder in this case, but what I like about the above method is that it does what you are talking about right now.
I find this ugly
(I'm sure you know the famous paper "Recurvise Make considered harmful), it introduces unnecessary calls to make and exposes dependencies several times.

Recursion in Makefiles is horrible but you usually have no choice if you're calling a third party Makefile.
all: all-subdir .WAIT all-local
is just as easy, and it's more obvious to understand why it is written this

Call me obtuse, but I still dislike this syntax.

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