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Re: Improvement on parallel make

From: Christophe Lyon
Subject: Re: Improvement on parallel make
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 17:06:17 +0100

> Now, I call "make -j" and discover that one two and three should be ran
> sequentially, I suppose you will suggest to have two depend on one and
> three
> depend on two.
> But then, I would like that when I call "make two", only two is rebuilt,
> not
> "one".
> Inserting .WAIT in the all target solves this issue, without calling make
> recursively.

As does making one a prerequisite of two.
No. I want that "make two" rebuilds only "two", and that "make all" rebuilds "one" and "two".
If "one" involves long recursions and you know nothing needs to be rebuilt there, you want to save this waste of time.


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