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Re: Doc build failure: pngtopnm: Error writing single byte sample to fil

From: Harmath Dénes
Subject: Re: Doc build failure: pngtopnm: Error writing single byte sample to file
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 17:57:04 +0100

You were right. I finally managed to put the scripts' location before / opt/local/bin in my path, and now it proceeds. But after a while, I get the following error:

Pango-ERROR **: Unable to open font file /Library/Fonts/Verdana.ttf for font Century Schoolbook L Italic 3.0673828125, exiting

command failed: /Applications/ lilypond -I ./ -I ./out-www -I ../../input -I /Users/thsoft/ Development/lilypond-translation/Documentation -I /Users/thsoft/ Development/lilypond-translation/Documentation/snippets -I ../../input/ regression/ -I /Users/thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/ Documentation/included/ -I /Users/thsoft/Development/lilypond- translation/mf/out/ -I /Users/thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/ mf/out/ -I /Users/thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/ Documentation/pictures -I /Users/thsoft/Development/lilypond- translation/Documentation/pictures/./out-www -dbackend=eps -- formats=ps,png,pdf -dinclude-eps-fonts -dgs-load-fonts -- header=doctitle --header=doctitlefr --header=doctitlees -- header=doctitlede --header=doctitlenl --header=doctitleja -- header=doctitlehu --header=texidoc --header=texidocfr -- header=texidoces --header=texidocde --header=texidocnl -- header=texidocja --header=texidochu -dcheck-internal-types -ddump- signatures -danti-alias-factor=2 -I "/Users/thsoft/Development/ lilypond-translation/out/lybook-db" -I "/Users/thsoft/Development/ lilypond-translation/input/regression" -I "/Users/thsoft/Development/ lilypond-translation/input/regression" -I "/Users/thsoft/Development/ lilypond-translation/input/regression/out-www" -I "/Users/thsoft/ Development/lilypond-translation/input" -I "/Users/thsoft/ Development/lilypond-translation/Documentation" -I "/Users/thsoft/ Development/lilypond-translation/Documentation/snippets" -I "/Users/ thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/input/regression" -I "/Users/ thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/Documentation/included" -I "/ Users/thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/mf/out" -I "/Users/ thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/mf/out" -I "/Users/thsoft/ Development/lilypond-translation/Documentation/pictures" -I "/Users/ thsoft/Development/lilypond-translation/Documentation/pictures/out- www" --formats=eps --verbose -deps-box-padding=3.000000 -dread-file- list -dno-strip-output-dir "/Users/thsoft/Development/lilypond- translation/out/lybook-db/"
Child was terminated by signal 6
make[3]: *** [out-www/collated-files.texi] Error 1
make[2]: *** [WWW-1] Error 2
make[1]: *** [WWW-1] Error 2
make: *** [doc-stage-1] Error 2

Why is Century Schoolbook L Italic assumed to be in /Library/Fonts/ Verdana.ttf?! (Of course it exists, but it's the Verdana font.)


Seeing this, I wanted to build the manual without building all the ‘input/*’ stuff, but I get the following error:

thSoft-MacBook:lilypond-translation thsoft$ cd Documentation/
thSoft-MacBook:Documentation thsoft$ make doc
make --no-builtin-rules -C ../scripts/build out=
make --no-builtin-rules out=www WWW-1
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/Users/thsoft/Development/ lilypond-translation/out/bin/lilypond', needed by `out-www/ internals.texi'. Stop.
make: *** [doc-stage-1] Error 2

Does this kind of build require a successful full build of the documentation? If so, this must be mentioned in !

Dénes Harmath

On 2009.11.05., at 17:10, Graham Percival wrote:

I'm suspicious about renaming pngtopnm_.  Just leave /opt/ alone, and
make the pngtopnm and pnmtopng scripts as directed.  As long as the
location of those two scripts comes before /opt/local/bin in your
path, you'll be fine.

- Graham

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