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Re: Doc build failure: pngtopnm: Error writing single byte sample to fil

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Doc build failure: pngtopnm: Error writing single byte sample to file
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 23:40:33 +0000
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Please keep emails on the mailist.

On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 12:22:57AM +0100, Harmath Dénes wrote:
> On 2009.11.05., at 23:02, Graham Percival wrote:
>> That all looks typical.  IIRC in gub we use freetype 2.3.11, but
>> that was to workaround an OSX 10.6 bug, so it shouldn't affect
>> you.
> Hmm, I'm just going to upgrade to 10.6 in the following days... ;)

Shouldn't matter.

>>> Aha... Yes, reasonable, though then the CG should mention it there  
>>> too.
>> Which page in particular?  I thought the page about building the
> I think it would be enough to say "issue make  
> LILYPOND_EXTERNAL_BINARY=/path/to/bin/lilypond doc" instead of just  
> "issue make doc". But this may be refined if I finally get this  
> working...

I'm not certain I follow you, but I'll wait for the patch.

> Thanks for the notification. It would be good to announce development  
> releases too on the website so that users could be notified via the  
> feed.

The number is updated here:

There are very good reasons why I didn't add an announcement to
the "news" section yet; see the lilypond-user mailist for details.

> So, with 2.13.7, the previous error is fixed, but this time I receive  
> this one:
> ./notation/notation.texi:27: I can't find file `notation/pitches.texi'.
> @temp ->@input notation/pitches.texi

> What could have gone wrong?

Interesting.  Could you do a "make doc-clean", then a "make
EXTERANL... doc", and remind me exactly which directory you're
building it in?

Also, if anybody else wouldn't mind building the docs with
EXTERNAL_BINARY, it would be nice to know if the general system is
broken, or just something on Harmath's machine.

- Graham

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