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Re: checking 2240

From: Julien Rioux
Subject: Re: checking 2240
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:33:28 -0500
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On 22/01/2012 2:50 PM, Graham Percival wrote:
On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 08:43:26PM +0100, Janek Warchoł wrote:
One quick question: Patchy checks patches one at a time, doesn't it?
I.e. applies a patch (doesn't commit), tests, unapplies and moves to
another patch?


why are you asking this question?  Is the source code really
*that* hard to read?  It's 18 lines!

         for patch in patches:
             issue_id = patch[0]
             patch_filename = patch[1]
             title = patch[2]
             print "Trying %i with %s" % (issue_id, patch_filename)

Python exception handling is simple but it can trip you up.
When any of patch, build, or regtest_check fails here, we exit the try: block and end up...

                 # reverse stuff
                 autoCompile.patch(patch_filename, reverse=True)
             except Exception as err: in the except: block, bypassing the whole git patch --reverse and subsequent clean up for the failed patch. There is no clean up below, as you can see:

                 print "Problem with issue %i" % issue_id
                 print err

- Graham

lilypond-devel mailing list

So there is a serious flaw in the patch-testing internals of this script. When every patch succeeds, everything is fine, but when one patch fails, everything snowballs.

Another issue is that git master is not updated to the latest origin/master before starting the test runs. This might be just a matter of documentation, but I would actually have this happen in the script itself since the name of the game is automatic testing.

Thanks to Janek for test running patchy, which led to both findings. He's been looking into fixing these issues, but he needs to get exams out of the way now, and could get back to hacking this up on Friday.


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