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Re: confused about transposing from treble clef to bass clef

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: confused about transposing from treble clef to bass clef
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 13:13:36 -0600
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Graham Percival wrote:

If the initial response to his question was "read the 2.11 docs
about transposition and file syntax", the whole discussion would
have been over in 2 or 3 emails.

Please note the first lines of my initial response to Chip:

"For transposing from E-flat to concert pitch, see the docs on transposition, here:"

At this point there was no need to point him to docs on syntax because he said he was confused about how transposition worked, not about where to put the command. Nevertheless, I went to the trouble of also supplying four minimal examples of transposition that I tested and that worked perfectly. Maybe this is spoonfeeding but I enjoy doing it and wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about by creating examples I had actually run successfully.

So rather than making this yet another pissing contest (that's my "rude + accurate" comment), why don't we suggest EXPLICITLY to everyone on the list that all "RTFM" comments should be "RTFCM" (C = current) comments?

I pointed to the current docs, as I always do, but Kieren makes a good point--I'll try to remember in future to say also that the current docs are better even if running 2.10.33. Chip didn't say which version he was running until he responded the third time with some code, at which time I think I was already gone to bed.

Hope this wasn't warm and fuzzy and inaccurate!  =)

If I handled Chip's inquiry wrongly, please let me know, y'all. I enjoy helping new users and feel that this is one of the ways I can best help the Lilypond effort since I can't write code or fix bugs and my role in the doc project is done. I don't see anything inaccurate in my responses and it's against my nature to be anything but friendly. I don't blame Chip for not getting it the first time, either, as I've had many moments when something that's obvious for most users has completely befuddled me. (the correct placement of a \midi block comes to mind...).



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