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Re: Upgrading to a newer version of lilypond

From: chip
Subject: Re: Upgrading to a newer version of lilypond
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 14:12:11 -0700
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Jonathan Kulp wrote:
If you got it via the Synaptic Package Manager or Add/Remove Programs, then remove the old version the same way before trying to install the new one.


Thanks Jon, got the 'older' version uninstalled the and new version installed and made a new entry to my path so it will run from the command line.

chip wrote:
Ok, so after all is said and done in the other thread I started, here goes another one - is there a proper upgrade path or do I just download and extract the latest version over the top of the existing version? The Application Usage document only mentions 'upgrade' in relationship to convert-ly, not upgrading lilypond. Oh, I am using lilypond on a linux (ubuntu) box.

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