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Re: confused about transposing from treble clef to bass clef

From: chip
Subject: Re: confused about transposing from treble clef to bass clef
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 13:03:02 -0700
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Ok, I got it now, I'll read the 2.11 Learning Manual from cover to cover. My problem is I tend to skip the stuff that *apparently* doesn't apply to what I am doing - anything that has multiple stafs like grand stafs, or lyrics. And that's probably not a good thing, I know. So I'll try to be a good student and read the whole manual whether I like it or not.
Thanks for pounding me on the head a few times because that's what it takes sometimes.

Graham Percival wrote:
On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 12:23:54PM -0700, chip wrote:
Now I am looking through the 2.11 docs and searching (using my browsers  
Find function) for Syntax and File Syntax and finding lots of entries  
for Syntax but not File Syntax.

Oh bloody mao, here we go again.

Look here guys.  I get annoyed when I see people doing way too
much effort.  Chip and Jonathan were working way too hard on
something so simple.

Chip, read these 3 doc pages, and only these 3.  Don't search for
anything.  Do not pass go.  Do not collection $200.

LM 2.3.1 Music expressions explained

LM 3.1.1 Introduction to the LilyPond file structure

LM 3.1.2 Score is a (single) compound musical _expression_

Done that?  Good.  Now if you look me in the metaphorical eye and
say "I don't see what's wrong with
then I will apologize for being curt.  And then I'll listen to
your suggestions for the docs.

   As a noob to Lilypond I find delving through the Learning Manual, the 
Notation Reference, Examples and Snippets Library a daunting task, to try 
to figure out something that turned out to be so simple. It appears to me 
that these documents are not written for the complete noob like me, but 
for someone who already has a clue.

Start reading from LM 2.  From the beginning.  Forget whatever you
think you know about lilypond.  Your experience with the 2.10 docs
is counter-productive here.

Oh, you might also find this helpful:
    There are going to be noobs out here who will ask completely inane  
or simple questions, to you guys the answers to which will seem to be  
obvious and easy to find, but that's because you know the lingo and the  
manuals inside-out. We don't know the right words or the correct way to  
look for the answers. Until I started using Lilypond I'd never seen the  
word grob or glob or whatever it is, and don't know what it is,  
therefore I wouldn't know how to ask a question that might refer to one.
    Well I suppose enough for now, I hope the examples help shed some  
light on the situation. I've been able to find pretty much everything  
needed so far by digging around in the manuals, but it does take a lot  
of digging.

That's because you're digging.  The LM does *exactly* what you
want; the only problem is that you think you know something about
lilypond from 2.10, and haven't sat down to read the 2.11 LM front
to cover.

- Graham


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