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Re: [Pan-users] Posting Binaries

From: panusers
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Posting Binaries
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:21:29 -0800 (PST)

> > I don't mean any offense but come on, Pan is by far the best news
> > *READER* for Linux, it'd be nice to POST sometime in the next decade.
> Before I respond to your question, let me get this out of the way:
> either drop the attitude, or submit a patch.  (Or visit the tip jar. :)
> I'm happy to discuss features but generally killfile whiners...

Ack :)

> Actually the plumbing for encoding uu/yEnc/mime is already written.
> IMO the blocker is deciding on how it should work: the tab in the
> Compose window is OK for casual attachments, but for Usenet the more
> common case is sets of single-or-multipart articles.
> If the pan-users list wants to collectively work out how such a GUI
> should work, then attachment work will move forward more quickly.
> The questions are, how to do these things:
>    * casual posting (the current dialog could do this)
>    * multipart posting (the current dialog could do this)
>    * sets of single or multiparts
>    * reposts of single or multiple articles
>    * Is sfv support necessary?  Should it be integrated into Pan?
>    * Is par support necessary?  Should it be integrated into Pan?

I just started using newspost myself last week, and gnewspost this

I'd suggest taking a gander at gnewspost if you haven't already, it's a
good start, but still missing features like KILL to start.

People still have different takes on sfv and par, so personally, I'd still
post both regardless.  I'd think there'd also be some useful sidelines for
pan with more sfv support in the trigger section of the filters (ie,
checking for completed posts automatically).

Newspost does a real nice job with both, integrating seamlessly, but less
software can still be more, and I'm running pan all the time anyways :)

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