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Re: Level comment management tool

From: David Philippi
Subject: Re: Level comment management tool
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 17:55:46 +0200

Am Son, 2003-08-17 um 13.52 schrieb Jarno Elonen:
> 50% is still so large that it takes too much space on the level page - 
> there's 
> now are "See [half]/[full] size" links below the thumbnail.
> Also, the thumbnails in level listing would probably take too much time to 
> load on slow connections, so I made a "[show thumbnails]" link that tries to 
> set a cookie.

I'd say that the idea of configureable thumbnails is a good one. One
would need quite a fast connection or a love for graphics to make
showing them usefull. I prefer the text overview. ;-)

While it looks very good now, I've still got a few questions /

1. I think the table would look better if the columns where to have all
the same size and the nummer of comments should have their own columns
or be oriented to the right so that they'll show in a row. Perhaps a (0)
makes then sense too?

2. A few <br/> in front of the table headers, having "test (40)"
directly underneath the table above doesn't look perfect and is easy to

3. The order of the tables, I'd suggest: tutorial, playable, wip, test
since that's the order of playability.

4. What's the Comment row below Description in the level overview?

5. Pingus # could be X/Y like in the game.

6. How do we get as many people as possible to fill in comments? ;-)

Bye David

PS: There should be an easy way to remove test comments or bare nonsense
since it's likely that there will be quite a lot of those over time.

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