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RE: [avrdude-dev] Verify errors,

From: Daniel Williamson
Subject: RE: [avrdude-dev] Verify errors,
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:47:20 +0100

Right, I've looked through the archived for the thread called program error?

It seems to end with alex saying he had Win2K SP2 on a Dual Celeron 466,
I'm running a 1.1 GHz Athlon but the same OS.

What was the conclusion, apart from doubling the timing on the processor


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From: E. Weddington [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 16 July 2003 13:21
To: address@hidden; Avr Dude (E-mail)
Subject: Re: [avrdude-dev] Verify errors,

> Hi all,  I've recently started getting verification
errors with avr dude
> when programming a mega 128, initially I thought it was
just one board but
> all of them can fail, though it doesn't always do it.
> I've tried different hardware but it still fails.  I've
also tried pony prog
> which works ok.  The only change is that my pc at work
was updated with
> win2k service pack 2 a few weeks ago and that's roughly
when I started
> noticing problems.
> Any thoughts anybody, or anyone come across a similar

Search the archives of this list. IIRC, it was Alex
Shepherd of NZ who brought this issue up for the Windows


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