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[Axiom-developer] breqn

From: C Y
Subject: [Axiom-developer] breqn
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 20:21:05 -0800 (PST)

--- root <address@hidden> wrote:

> > I got a bit fancy and allowed automatic resizing of a 
> > couple of large equations based on the two margin sizes, 
> > but breqn would be a preferable solution there if the 
> > license is ever straightened out.  (Or we implement our own
> > version of it.)
> if breqn is an equation line breaker we have one of those.
> bill is the keeper of the latest set of changes i believe.

breqn is a line breaker, but for TeX rather than ascii.  Can Axiom
produce TeX mathematical output that is broken up over lines?  I'm not
even sure how it would know how to do so without knowing the rendering

An example of breqn is the Maximabook page 45, where the output of a
command is on two lines.  Maximabook can be obtained here:

I should read over the breqn docs - I've used it but I don't know much
about it.  Dr. Fateman seems to consider it fairly trivial compared to
the general problem of line breaking mathematics (which is true) but
for a lot of VERY common cases it does what is needed.

(I'm on the whole pleased with Maximabook even though it never did take
off - it was an excellent way to learn the basics of LaTeX and I think
the result looks very nice.  The included Maxima sessions are due to
the tremendous work by Jay on the EMaxima environment.  I hope Axiom
will be able to build off of the general ideas there to make an Axiom
specific EAxiom environment someday (clearly pamphlet files add an
extra dimension, and the IO issues involved are also a bit tricky). 
For writing papers with CAS math included EMaxima was the best
environment I have come across, and probably a lot of its abilities
could map usefully into pamphlet editing too - imagine, for example,
editing a pamphlet and being able to execute code blocks in a
background Axiom environment, and test the results as part of writing
the pamphlet file.  Similar to MathAction ideas but for Emacs, which as
an old fogie I find more comfortable as an editing/authoring
environment than a web browser for anything non-trivial.)


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