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Re: [Axiom-developer] breqn

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] breqn
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 13:29:04 -0600
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C Y <address@hidden> writes:

> breqn is a line breaker, but for TeX rather than ascii.  Can Axiom
> produce TeX mathematical output that is broken up over lines?  I'm not
> even sure how it would know how to do so without knowing the rendering
> environment.

I agree; where the output should be broken up depends on too many
other things besides the actual equation.

> I should read over the breqn docs - I've used it but I don't know much
> about it.  Dr. Fateman seems to consider it fairly trivial compared to
> the general problem of line breaking mathematics (which is true) but
> for a lot of VERY common cases it does what is needed.

It can't be perfect, but it does seem to work pretty well in most
cases.  I haven't heard of anyone working on it since Michael
Downes; too bad.

> I hope Axiom will be able to build off of the general ideas there to
> make an Axiom specific EAxiom environment someday (clearly pamphlet
> files add an extra dimension, and the IO issues involved are also a
> bit tricky).

I said I'd have some sort of EAxiom to send you a while ago; obviously
I don't.  Sorry!  Right now I'm in the middle of writing my portfolio;
I should be finished with that early next week.  Soon after I expect
to devote a lot of time to Axiom, starting with EAxiom.  I promise to
send something in December.


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