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Re: unable to align partition

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: unable to align partition
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 08:58:21 +1000

Ibraheem Umaru-Mohammed wrote:
> Hpwever, if what I think you mean by resize is to make "start" effectively 
> 000.000 (or something) then this doesn't seem to work,
> Parted complains about partition size and file system size not matching or 
> something from what I remember. Is my presumption correct?


When you resize a partition with Parted, the file system gets
resized as well.  So the file system and partition size will
always match.

If you put the start at 000.0000 (exactly at the start of the disk),
Parted's constraint solver will find the closest valid match
(probably 0.031).

If you resize the partition to ANY size (even the same size),
the constraint solver will try to align it properly.  (so,
a request for the same size will actually give you a slightly
different, aligned size)

Andrew Clausen

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