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About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware

From: sampath ranga
Subject: About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 14:57:27 -0600

Hello Mr. Bloessl Bastian,

    How are you? I am Ranganathan Sampathkumar, one of the research students who gave request to you through Linkedin a few days ago. I was reading through your research paper IEEE802.15.4 test bed through USRP (transceiver). Thank you for giving such a wonderful paper to read through. I also have few questions regarding that. My questions are:

1. Is the implementation verification can only be done with TelosB mote with contiki firmware? Can we use other Zigbee hardware to sniff the message ? When i tried to do that i can transceive the message successfully in Wireshark whereas for implementation when i use a different hardware , the particular hardware couldnot sniff the messages. 
 2. Or if i do in reverse, say for example if i try to send a message from other Zigbee device to the GNU Radio that has transceiver code with .pcap file, I am seeing the "packets that has been sent from the transceiver in .pcap file at Wireshark  but the .pcap file doesnot have the message from the other hardware device". 

Is that the rime stack that is controlling it from sending or receiving message from other device cause its network layer or is it MAC layer? Cause i have been same channel number, same PAN ID in both the hardware and in GNU block but still it couldnt hear or send to other hardware

Can you/someone throw me a light on this ? Like do the transceiver block can send message to other Zigbee hardware or can it receive from the other hardware ?

Thanks and regards,
Ranganathan Sampathkumar

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