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Re: About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware

From: sampath ranga
Subject: Re: About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 14:51:11 -0600

Hello Marcus Muller , 

   Thank you so much for the reply . The thing about Rime Stack is rime stack is a network level stack . So my question is if its network level stack is that the block thats restricting me from getting other hardware signals on the Wireshark ?? and I want to let you know that i am trying different type of flow graph changes to make it work and i am posting this after playing with MAC and Rime . I even tried to seperate the tx and rx section to see if it is working but still it is not . 

Thanks and regards ,
Ranganathan Sampathkumar 

On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 2:39 PM Marcus Müller <address@hidden> wrote:

slightly will have to repeat myself:

On 15.02.20 21:15, sampath ranga wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
>     1. I was trying for the past few weeks to make the Zigbee Trx
> communicate with the other Zigbee hardware for implementation
> verification . I am not using TelOS b mote with COntiki Firmware
> instead i am using a Zigbee dongle as a hardware to make the
> communication work . My question is why is the flowgraph restricting
> only to hear the "hello world" message but not the message from other
> hardware? If my SDR could operate at 2.4GHz in air , the transceiver
> block should not only hear the "GNU Radio Transmitted message but also
> from the other hardware isnt it? The other hardware is also not
> receiving the GNU Radio's message.

This is wireless communications. Not only do you have to configure all
devices in a compatible manner, channel and receiver conditions can make
interoperation problematic.

You will have to apply your own signal processing / wireless education
to debug this.

>   2. Is the Rime stack / MAC layer that fixes frames stopping the
> other hardware to send or receive?

I don't understand this question, sorry.

>   3. I am also trying the same Zigbee Trx in 2 laptops, the message
> that i set in laptop 1 at GNU Radio Zigbee TRX has been received in
> wireshark at laptop 1 and laptop 2 message at laptop 2 , Why are not
> they syncing with each other if i give same destination or pan id with
> channel number?

Same answer as to 1. You're not doing any signal-level debugging on
this, so we can't help you.

> Technically i am trying to do 2 work , Either have two laptop that has
> each flowgraph with 2 different message and wanna see if they both are
> transferring their message at wireshark, which is right now not happening
Same answer as to 1.
> secondly , trying to transmit Zigbee Trx basti's message to a seperate
> zigbee hardware (Xbee or any zigbee sniffer) or send message from Xbee
> and trying to receiving in on Wireshark at the GNU Radio end

Same answer as to 1.

> I also face the issue of when i transceive the message its showing
> "Bad FCS"  and also the packet flow is getting stopped when i open the
> wireshark . Please throw some ideas on this . 
Same answer as to 1.

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