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Re: About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware

From: Bastian Bloessl
Subject: Re: About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 19:03:16 +0100
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you're right, the RIME stack is a network stack. But it is completely
optional. You can just disable the block if you don't need it. It was
just convenient to setup connections with Contiki running on a TelosB node.

If you use something different than Contiki (i.e., a node w/o RIME)
frames will not pop out of the RIME ports. But you will see all frames
that are received by the SDR in the Wireshark trace. It logs everything
that is received, independent from PAN ID, etc.

If you use other nodes, as Marcus said:
- check that they use the same PHY (O-QPSK in 2.4GHz)
- check that they use the same channel
- To RX with a custom node: implement a firmware that shows all frames
(independent from MAC, PAN ID, etc.)
- To RX frames w/ GNU Radio, you don't have to do anything special as
every received frame will show up in GR.

Some nodes with PCB antennas are not that great. If you have problems
receiving them with GR, try to (1) increase TX gain, (2) get it closer
to the SDR, (3) increase RX gain of the SDR.

Hope it helps,

On 2/15/20 9:51 PM, sampath ranga wrote:
> Hello Marcus Muller , 
>    Thank you so much for the reply . The thing about Rime Stack is rime
> stack is a network level stack . So my question is if its network level
> stack is that the block thats restricting me from getting other hardware
> signals on the Wireshark ?? and I want to let you know that i am trying
> different type of flow graph changes to make it work and i am posting
> this after playing with MAC and Rime . I even tried to seperate the tx
> and rx section to see if it is working but still it is not . 
> Thanks and regards ,
> Ranganathan Sampathkumar 
> On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 2:39 PM Marcus Müller <address@hidden
> <mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     slightly will have to repeat myself:
>     On 15.02.20 21:15, sampath ranga wrote:
>     > Hello Everyone,
>     >
>     >     1. I was trying for the past few weeks to make the Zigbee Trx
>     > communicate with the other Zigbee hardware for implementation
>     > verification . I am not using TelOS b mote with COntiki Firmware
>     > instead i am using a Zigbee dongle as a hardware to make the
>     > communication work . My question is why is the flowgraph restricting
>     > only to hear the "hello world" message but not the message from other
>     > hardware? If my SDR could operate at 2.4GHz in air , the transceiver
>     > block should not only hear the "GNU Radio Transmitted message but also
>     > from the other hardware isnt it? The other hardware is also not
>     > receiving the GNU Radio's message.
>     This is wireless communications. Not only do you have to configure all
>     devices in a compatible manner, channel and receiver conditions can make
>     interoperation problematic.
>     You will have to apply your own signal processing / wireless education
>     to debug this.
>     >   2. Is the Rime stack / MAC layer that fixes frames stopping the
>     > other hardware to send or receive?
>     I don't understand this question, sorry.
>     >   3. I am also trying the same Zigbee Trx in 2 laptops, the message
>     > that i set in laptop 1 at GNU Radio Zigbee TRX has been received in
>     > wireshark at laptop 1 and laptop 2 message at laptop 2 , Why are not
>     > they syncing with each other if i give same destination or pan id with
>     > channel number?
>     Same answer as to 1. You're not doing any signal-level debugging on
>     this, so we can't help you.
>     > Technically i am trying to do 2 work , Either have two laptop that has
>     > each flowgraph with 2 different message and wanna see if they both are
>     > transferring their message at wireshark, which is right now not
>     happening
>     Same answer as to 1.
>     > secondly , trying to transmit Zigbee Trx basti's message to a seperate
>     > zigbee hardware (Xbee or any zigbee sniffer) or send message from Xbee
>     > and trying to receiving in on Wireshark at the GNU Radio end
>     Same answer as to 1.
>     > I also face the issue of when i transceive the message its showing
>     > "Bad FCS"  and also the packet flow is getting stopped when i open the
>     > wireshark . Please throw some ideas on this . 
>     >
>     Same answer as to 1.

Dr. Bastian Bloessl
Secure Mobile Networking Lab (SEEMOO)
TU Darmstadt, Germany

GitHub/Twitter: @bastibl

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