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WebKit + KHTML = Unitiy?!

From: Axel 'Mikesch' Katerbau
Subject: WebKit + KHTML = Unitiy?!
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:57:56 +0000

Chris wrote:
No, it does not (at least to me) because THAT is where WebKit used to
come FROM. WebKit USED to be 'just an ObjC wrapper around KHTML's C++

I do not get it, why they would want to go back there, because
 a) that's where it came from
 b) KHTML is still available separately
 c) WebKit's first and foremost platform is OSX

But maybe I'm just missing the point. Wouldn't be the first time :-)

As far as I know, Apple took KHTML and extended it using Cocoa collections etc. And the plan of unity is to replace the usage of Cocoa with standard C++ collections (STL?) to merge KHTML and Apple's derivative of it back into one.

Both Apple and the KHTML people could benefit from such a move if both agree to work on such "unified" rendering (and javascript) engine.

Webkit would be just the same for developers. It's just that the rendering "core" is stripped off Cocoa'isms...

...but I may be utterly wrong, too! :-)


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