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Re: Need Windows Installer Testers

From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: Re: Need Windows Installer Testers
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 14:27:48 +1100
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Hi Adam

The installer is looking good. Anything that automates the install helps 
significantly. I have some comments:

I see you have adapted the MINGW/MSYS installers. I assume that you will remove 
their licence agreements and the link to their README files from your 
installers (at the end of the MINGW/MSYS install package), and use GNUstep ones 

It might be useful to combine the MINGW/MSYS and support libraries into one 
installer. This way the user has less to download and they can still install 
GNUstep from source if they choose to do so.

The "depends" installer lets the user choose which dependency libraries to install. These should 
not be optional, because if the user installs your "core" package (the one actually containing 
GNUstep) they will need all these libraries if the GNUstep install is pre-compiled. In fact, the 
"depends" package shouldn't need to allow the user to change any optional bits and pieces anyway.

The msys link in the GNUstep start menu should probably be something like "GNUstep 
Development Shell (msys)". I think you can also rename the window through a command 
line option.

Lastly, I should admit I have been putting together an installer package for Windows (yes I know I should have said something, I didn't want to post it until it was almost done). We may be able to combine efforts, because most of my work has been automating the download of the file dependencies needed to put together an installer. That is, its a set of scripts used to generate an installer. However, I have been using Inno instead of NSIS to put the installer together and I'm yet to complete the MSYS .profile and fstab editing parts for MINGW (and some other parts). I like Inno because most things like dependency tracking and downloading is automated and it uses PASCAL instead of a stack-based scripting language, and it can be used as a 64bit installer binaries (when/if we need them). I avoided Wix/MSI because its restrictions make usage with GNUstep too tedious. I will my scripts as well (I may just finish them off first).


Adam Fedor wrote:

I finally have a new windows installer ready, but I'd like people to test it out before I announce it generally. You should be able to install the required installers and the Calculator.app installer and "just run" the GNUstep Calculator app from the Start Menu (well I thought that was pretty cool :-)).

I'm still working on things, but I bet there will be a bunch of issues that crop up that I have never thought of. Please let me know your experience with it! Also check for Viruses! My system is darn clean, but you never know where things can sneak in.

http://www.gnustep.org/experience/Windows.html (The links on this page may still be wrong)

I'll have the installer scripts available on svn soon so you can help improve them as well.


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