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Re: Need Windows Installer Testers

From: Krishna
Subject: Re: Need Windows Installer Testers
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 17:05:22 +0530

Hello Adam,

On 12/14/07, Adam Fedor <address@hidden> wrote:
> I finally have a new windows installer ready, but I'd like people to
> test it out before I announce it generally.

Tried it on Windows XP SP2 and everything seems fine. Nice work!

When started from launchy the program complains of missing
gnustep*.dlls which is to be expected as it needs to be started from
the .app directory.

As for the installer, I think it would be better to fuse everything
into a single installer (ideally two). That way, the dependencies can
be tucked under the components using them so when the user installs
only base then the image libs does not get installed.

> You should be able to
> install the required installers and the Calculator.app installer and
> "just run" the GNUstep Calculator app from the Start Menu (well I
> thought that was pretty cool :-)).

:-) .  Calculator.app had problems the first time it started.
  1. It took a long time (donno if it is a windoze issue)
  2. The first time it was hidden and shown the menu just displayed a
black rectangle.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work (what is the key for '#'? I
tried Alt and Ctrl - both din't work).

> I'm still working on things, but I bet there will be a bunch of
> issues that crop up that I have never thought of. Please let me know
> your experience with it!

The name "gnustep-system-<ver>-setup.exe" is misleading as it is
basically mingw. I wasn't sure so I installed it and now I have 3
copies of mingw! . Since NSIS supports net based installation a better
idea maybe is to make the mingw installation optional and downloadable
at install time (iirc, the Qt4 installer does this).

Also, wouldn't it be better to factor the installer into a runtime and
an sdk? That way, applications can be deployed using the runtime
without the headers and import libs going into the system.

>  Also check for Viruses!  My system is darn
> clean, but you never know where things can sneak in.

Looks clean here.

One reason that life is complex is that it has a real part and an imaginary part
  -Andrew Koenig

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