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Re: [DotGNU]Some thoughts about DotGNU

From: Peter Minten
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Some thoughts about DotGNU
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 18:16:05 +0200

Gopal V wrote:
> If memory serves me right, D.I.Freeman wrote:
> > Don't know about all these, but 3D Animation, my personaly belief is it HAS
> > to be based on OpenGL, cos its the only cross platform 3D API thats OPEN!
> > (AFAIK) feel free to prove me wrong.
> CSGL ... C# wrappers to OpenGL (

If it works this would be the preferred toolkit I guess.
> Hehe ... anybody seen csvorbis yet ? .. it is a Vorbis player in C# ..
> (check mono's website..) . But more importantly someone from DotGNU
> has been thinking really hard about wrapping GStreamer and allow DotGNU
> to support full streaming/playing capablity ... The more complex API
> of GStreamer would take long on a single person developer ...
> do you people just need a hack or a Complete Solution (TM) ? ..

A Complete Solution.

AFAICS (As Far As I Can See) this is the situation:
GStreamer would be good for other sound transmission (I haven't seen the
program yet so I'm just guessing). CSVorbis could do the music
transmission. If we use these two we just need a good speech
transmission system, does anybody know a free software / open source
Voice-over-IP (or something like that) implementation that is portable?

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