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Re: Bug 130397

From: Geoff Kuenning
Subject: Re: Bug 130397
Date: 08 Jan 2005 18:15:26 +0100
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> If ispell wants utf-8, it's easy enough to convert each input line to
> utf-8 and deal with offsets into that in the event of a mispelling;

Just to clarify: ispell can theoretically handle almost any
instantaneously decodable code that is restricted to byte boundaries.
At the moment, I don't know of a language that has a UTF-8 affix file,
though I imagine that problem will be corrected in the near future.

In particular, if emacs stores stuff internally using a constant-width
encoding, for most languages you could convert that to latin-1, feed
that to ispell, and then generate line offsets with a simple multiply.
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