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Re: pretest 22.0.100

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: pretest 22.0.100
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 15:45:09 +0200
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* Jason Rumney (2007-05-17) writes:

> After 18.9 came 18.10, likewise with 19.9 and 19.10. There is no good 
> reason to change the rules only for pretests.

,----[ http://www.gnu.org/prep/maintain/html_node/Test-Releases.html ]
| In this method, if you are about to release version 4.6 but you want to
| do a pretest first, call it 4.5.90. If you need a second pretest, call
| it 4.5.91, and so on. If you are really unlucky and ten pretests are not
| enough, after 4.5.99 you could advance to 4.5.990 and so on. (You could
| also use 4.5.100, but 990 has the advantage of sorting in the right
| order.)


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