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Re: Release plans

From: Richard M Stallman
Subject: Re: Release plans
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:01:38 -0400

    MS-Windows, like fossil-fuelled transportation, is something undesirable,
    but difficult to avoid without separating from mainstream society.

They are not similar; avoiding Windows is far easier.  Please do not

      If I
    were to reject paid work involving MS-Windows and (proprietary) Unix, I
    would need to find paid work outside of software development.

I was prepared to do that if necessary in 1984.  Fortunately I
did not have to.  Maybe you wouldn't either.

      As far as I
    can, I run only free software at home.  However my PC's BIOS is not free,

On fsf.org there are recommendations for PCs that run with a free BIOS.

    and neither is the software in my DSL router - yet.  Would you likewise
    suggest I should not use DSL until fully free firmware becomes available?

No, I expect that router does not count.  I'd expect users don't
install software at all in that, so it might as well be a circuit, and
we don't need to ask whether there is actually software inside it.

You are arguing against a straw man that didn't come from me.

    the freedom in free software doesn't excite most people - Emacs's
    capabilities do, though.

Have you seen any cases where that eventually led a person to switch
from proprietary software to free software?

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