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Re: obby

From: Richard M Stallman
Subject: Re: obby
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 14:35:39 -0400

    I had planned to revisit the problem once the new implementation of the
    obby protocol and client (now called Infinote) had been released. But
    implementing inclusion transformation is very difficult.

Can you tell us more about this problem?

    By the way, this is a textbook case for why we would want to support
    dynamic linking. The reference implementation of the Infinote protocol,
    libinfinote, is released under the LGPL, so it would save a great deal
    of effort to be able to use that rather than creating a new,
    independent, under-manned implementation from scratch.

We could link with it non-dynamically too.

I don't understand the structure of the situation.  Did you
reimplement the same thing in Lisp?

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