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RE: please make line-move-visual nil

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: please make line-move-visual nil
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 14:06:18 -0700

> If you come too late in the pretest, yes.

Too late in which pretest? My guess is that you would have said the same thing
for the first pretest, months ago. Emacs development can drag on for years, and
it is a convenient excuse that has been used for a long time that "we are too
close to the release" to discuss this or that change or new feature.

> If we allow non-critical changes beyond certain point, we will
> either never make a release or release a buggy version (because
> each change might have, and usually has unintended consequences).

Do you really think that restoring this to the previous default behavior would
cause problems? If so, do you think we could not afford to take the time to fix
those problems? Are you sure this isn't just an excuse to ignore the question?

> > That's ridiculous.
> That's life.

No, it's just one possible policy choice. Please don't confuse the laws of
Nature with choices you have made.

> And just to keep this in perspective, we are talking about the default
> value of an easily customizable option.  How critical could a default
> be, even if it turns out to be disliked by many?

Using "it's not critical" as the only reason to introduce a bad choice is lame.
If you want a better perspective, that's the place from which to view this. How
about some _reasons_ supporting this change (beyond "I like it")?

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