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RE: smtp crap

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: smtp crap
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 07:53:31 -0700

> > I'm okay with changing the default to mailclient-send-it on all
> > platforms ;-)
> (Assuming we can eliminate the flaw that started this thread causing
> repeatedly asking the debated question), the current behavior is
> basically "before falling back on the mailclient-default, 
> please confirm that you indeed want to use mailclient?", so I
> think it's a small price to pay to avoid pissing off long-time
> Emacs MUA users.

Have any "long-time Emacs MUA users" actually _requested_ this "feature"?  I've
asked this question several times in different forms, but gotten no answer.  Is
this a user-requested feature or just something that some Emacs developers
dreamed up as a cool thing to do?  If it _was_ requested by a user, how about
polling the users in general, to find out what they think as a (sampled)

And what about long-time NON-Emacs MUA users?  (Tim is right to ask about the
numbers/proportion of Emacs users who do NOT use Emacs for email.  You are wrong
to ignore them.)

More importantly, what about newbie Emacs users, regardless of their MUA?

But MOST importantly, what about reporting bugs with `emacs -Q'?

That is the real problem here, and the one that you keep ignoring.  Instead, you
keep focusing on the problem of customization, which is, relatively speaking, no
big deal (assuming you finish fixing the repeated-interrogation bugs).

The problem of annoying, confusing, and slowing down users (not to mention
provoking errors) who are only trying to _help_ us by reporting a bug is, yes, a
BIG problem.  I'm sorry you don't see it as such.

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