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RE: smtp crap

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: smtp crap
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:54:23 -0700

> >> If this means that users cannot submit bugs using emacs as their
> >> MUA when running -Q it does not mean we need to hack at 
> >> custom or make exceptions - it means that email is not the right
> >> solution for submitting bug messages when running under -Q.
> >
> > I acknowledge your "IF", Tim, but I disagree that we should 
> > accept a situation where users cannot send bug reports using
> > email.  Of course, to do so they need _some_ way of sending
> > email, but it does not follow that they need to use Emacs
> > as that way.  They should be able to compose the bug report 
> > in Emacs and send it any way they want and can.
> OK, I'll try to clarify. Emacs bug reporting should not prevent people
> from using another MUA to submit a bug report and it may even
> facilitate doing so if someone wants to implement such support.
> However, I think it is quite reasonable if, while running under -Q,
> you cannot use emacs as the MUA to submit the bug report.

We are in agreement, I think.  I was reacting to your going beyond not using
Emacs as the MUA to not using email at all (for emacs -Q.  My guess is that you
misspoke and that we agree.

If we don't agree about that, at least we seem to agree about the rest (no
config to report a bug using emacs -Q, etc.).

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