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Re: quotation marks [was Re: TUTORIAL.de updated]

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: quotation marks [was Re: TUTORIAL.de updated]
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 00:00:15 -0800
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On 01/21/2012 12:59 AM, Alan Mackenzie wrote:

> Because fewer people are using tty environments (which is
> basically what is meant here by "ASCII-only") ...

No, by "ASCII-only" I meant displays that can display only ASCII.
I use tty environments all the time, and they're never ASCII-only.

> I have an ordinary Linux tty, currently running a Latin-1
> character set....  I don't know how to do this, and finding out
> is going to be a lot of work.

It shouldn't be a lot of work.  I don't normally use the Linux
console, but I looked into this problem and on my Ubuntu desktop
the fix is simple:

  export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8

After executing these two shell commands, I can see directed
quotes ‘like this’ with no problem, both within Emacs and when
catting to the terminal.  If it matters, I'm running Ubuntu 11.10
x86 on a 5-year-old desktop.

Does this approach work for you?

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