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Re: Tabs

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: Tabs
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 23:40:45 +0200 (CEST)

> Juri Linkov wrote:
> Thanks for the log.  I wonder how you disable X without using
> --without-x, but anyway it's clear what's your configuration.
> So now I implemented support for nox builds as well, and pushed
> to the branch.  Please try to recompile.

Done. It builds; tested on WSL. A few considerations.

Usually, when I start nox Emacs it loads the last buffer I worked on previously 
because I have '(desktop-save-mode 1)'. Call this buffer foo.txt. The same 
occurs with your branch. So I do 'M-x global-tab-line-mode' and foo.txt is in a 
tab, and near the tab a '+'.

So, I don't see the other buffers saved in desktop.

When I click with mouse the '+' a menu shows up whose items are just those 
buffers! I can select another buffer in this menu only with UP/DOWN keyboard 
key and NOT with the mouse: someone of you should ad this and also to work with 
File Edit Options... menu and their items (now one has to do F10 and move with 

In this way, I can have other desktop saved buffers in tabs.. but quitting 
Emacs, the next time I have to repeat all those steps... which is annoying.

I think one wants that starting Emacs all those buffer are in tabs.

I have built the same source of the branch on Windows. 

Here there is an issue before using M-x global... : the mouse does not work on 
the tool bar. Indeed I modified my init.el to not use the tabbar-ruler from 
MELPA and when I tried to save it clicking on the tool bar icon, 'save current 
buffer...', the minibuffer showed "mouse-1 is undefined".

Any way, C-x C-s helped me and after restarting Emacs I noticed the following.

Only a few buffer in tabs, just to fill the window width, and this is good. But 
how are chosen the buffer to shows in tabs? apparently it seems at random, and 
beside this, their name are only partially visible, too little. 

With this build, clicking the '+' allows to put in tab buffers based on their 
mode.. Hmm.. 


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