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Re: bat-mode: Inconsistent fontification. Consider using font-lock-funct

From: Andy Moreton
Subject: Re: bat-mode: Inconsistent fontification. Consider using font-lock-function-name-face
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2019 11:48:09 +0100
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On Mon 09 Sep 2019, Jostein Kjønigsen wrote:

> Hey everyone.
> Right now Emacs' bat-mode has an inconsistent use of faces, both internally
> and w.r.t. to the rest of the Emacs universe.
> In batch files you can create "labels". A label is a line whose character is :
> followed by alpha-numerical characters.
> These labels are often used via GOTO-statements for direct control flow, but
> they can also be used via CALL-statements and then they work like
> functions/subroutines and control is eventually returned to the caller.
>    CALL :subroutine param1 param2
>    GOTO :EOF
>    etc
> Right now labels have one custom-face defined for bat-mode (bat-label-face),
> and all -uses- of this label via GOTO or CALL-statements has this label
> highlighted using font-lock-constant-face.
> My proposal is that we change both these rules to instead be
> font-lock-function-name-face. This solves both constency-problems:

That is not consistent with c-mode, which uses font-lock-constant-face
for both goto statements and labels.


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