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Re: BIKESHED: completion faces

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: BIKESHED: completion faces
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 16:30:08 +0000

> > I've tried to implement my idea, but somehow the added highlighting gets
> > eaten before the buffer is displayed. But the attached patch should
> > illustrate it anyway.
> Regardless of how we implement this, the question remains: do we want to
> highlight the common-part of the prefix/basic completion differently
> from the other cases?

I, for one, think we shouldn't.  But I won't mind it, if that means
having a good, familiar, promiment, those-really-are-the-mathing-parts,
default for the 'flex' and 'substring' styles.

My personal bikeshedding proposal goes in this direction.  We can
later enhance it by convincing 'prefix' users that it's just as
explanatory to have the common part prominent and the first difference
un-prominent.  Then there won't be much of a dissonance.

But I liked any of your initial proposals, too, Stefan.  They are just
as trivial and also scratch my back--shed.  Also Juri seemed to
suggest something in consonance with it at some point.

And if Dmitry wants to push new defaults, I'm behind him, too.

João  "nearing bikeshed stack overflow"

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