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Re: VOTE: Changing completions-common-part face's default

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: VOTE: Changing completions-common-part face's default
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 18:12:45 -0500
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>> > We can still fall back to subtle blue foreground for common-part. *shrug*
>> I'm more and more leaning this way, yes.
>> I don't think we'll find an agreement on what is the best default
>> setting, so I'll settle for a default setting that everyone can agree is
>> "not objectionably worse" than the status quo.
> Still pretty bad, tho.

Remember it's a step.  We can later consider something else.

The purpose is to get *some* highlighting without bothering those who
don't want any.  It's also to advertise the fact that there's a face
there that can be customized and it will also get more users to think
about "what this face should look like".

>> Does anyone object to this change?
> Count me as "abstain".



> Can't it be cyan or cyan 3 or something that? Dark blue against black
> has terrible contrast.

I find `cyan on white` to be barely legible.
I could live with `cyan3 on white` but I suspect more people will be
annoyed by this change than the change to `blue3`.

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