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Re: [ELPA] New package: transient

From: tomas
Subject: Re: [ELPA] New package: transient
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 21:01:54 +0200
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On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 05:27:39PM +0000, Alan Mackenzie wrote:


> Whose mind would that be?  It is much easier for me to read short words
> than long words, and that applies to code as much as to text.
> What are you proposing to do?  Replace `assq' with `list-assq'?  YUCK!
> This will make code more turgid, and thus more difficult to read.

That's it. Reading ease is, after all, in the eye of the beholder.
That's what I was trying to convey. I definitely prefer "car" and
"cdr" to "first" and "butfirst" [1] -- *because that's what I am
used to*
>                                                                    And
> then, will we get `math-+' and `math-*', as though we were programming
> in Java?  Double yuck! 


That's why I tried to frame this as a question of culture.
Languages in general (programming languages in particular) are a
means of communication between people. Changing a program to accept
different symbols is easy (well...) -- but changing an existing
culture with people in it is way harder; it will take some convincing
powers. That's what I was trying to get across.


[1] with a tip o' the hat to LOGO
-- t

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