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[PATCH] Question about completion behavior

From: Ergus
Subject: [PATCH] Question about completion behavior
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2022 17:14:53 +0100

Please give a look to the attached patch...

It adds two new values:

visible: to update when visible else do nothing (as Stefan suggested).

always: to always update or show completions (Like bash

BTW: the lazy value is more like show-all-if-unmodified i think

On Wed, Mar 09, 2022 at 03:30:16PM +0100, Ergus wrote:
On Wed, Mar 09, 2022 at 03:16:17PM +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2022 12:46:54 +0100
From: Ergus <spacibba@aol.com>
Cc: Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca>, emacs-devel@gnu.org

Look at the attached patch, it may need some small improve to solve the
case 4. but so far it gives a consistent behavior with any value of
completion-auto-help (and it is actually simpler than the current code)

Alternatively we may add another custom, something like:

completions-on-complete-action which may have 3 possible values:

We don't need a new option, we can add a new value to the

But yes, I think this behavior you propose _must_ be optional, most
probably opt-in for starters.  Not everyone will want it.

See also completion-cycle-threshold: this new behavior should not
tramp that option.

I tend to agree Eli, but actually I started a thread because the default
behavior is indeed inconsistent with completion-auto-help as the same
Stefan mentioned.

The current behavior mixes the completion-auto-help==t with
completion-auto-help=='lazy when there is some completion and the
completions are already visible (hiding them).

If we do:

compi<tab> it should be completed, but if the completions list is
somehow visible, then after the tab it is not correct, so we currently
hide it, when we must just update it right?

The fix in any case is extremely simple and I think that with a new vale
for completion-auto-help to 'always it will work, but may be even
complicated to explain in the documentation...

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