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Re: Suppressing native compilation (short and long term)

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Suppressing native compilation (short and long term)
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2022 21:44:30 +0300

> From: Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name>
> Cc: rlb@defaultvalue.org,  monnier@iro.umontreal.ca,  david@tethera.net,
>   emacs-devel@gnu.org,  akrl@sdf.org
> Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2022 11:23:15 -0700
> > How does this work in practice?  I mean, what exactly do you mean by
> > "processes they start themselves"?  You mean, you know by heart each
> > Emacs command that invokes a subprocess, and avoid to invoke them all
> > unless the laptop is plugged in?  I don't believe this is practical,
> > because even "C-x C-f" invokes a a subprocess when you visit a file
> > under VCS (which I guess happens a lot to the likes of you and me).
> > And how can a person avoid all of those commands?  What am I missing?
> Native compilation is significantly more CPU intensive than any of these
> other things, though.

Do you have data to support that?  I just cited mine, and it doesn't
sound intensive to me.  E.g., when some command invokes Git, Git could
decide that it's time to do a background GC, and that will be quite
CPU intensive.  And yet we all use VC without fear.

But I must stop raising the noise level here, because that's what all
I write seems to be good for -- making noise that no one takes
seriously, starting from Lars.  Sorry.

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