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Re: Emacs git repo mangled

From: Gerd Möllmann
Subject: Re: Emacs git repo mangled
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2022 06:51:53 +0100
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Thanks, now done (208f0578d1). Michael, you can now use admin/git-bisect-start.

I'm not opposing anything, but I wonder if mentioning of --first-parent
somewhere might be useful to others, because I find it pretty useful.

This is why I am using it, all the time so far, in Emacs, which is
admittedly a small sample size:

We have master with frequent merges from emacs-28.  If I know that a
problem exists in master, but not in emacs-28, or if I suspect that is
the case, I don't want to waste time checking commits incoming from

You have to know what you're doing, as always, and YMMV, and blahblah.

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