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Re: citations: org-cite vs org-ref 3.0

From: John Kitchin
Subject: Re: citations: org-cite vs org-ref 3.0
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2022 17:43:36 -0400
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Max Nikulin <manikulin@gmail.com> writes:

> On 28/03/2022 20:16, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2022 at 8:37 AM Max Nikulin wrote:
>>> John, in another message (Sun, 27 Mar 2022 13:00:40 -0400)
>>> m24k3jnq0k.fsf@andrew.cmu.edu">https://list.orgmode.org/m24k3jnq0k.fsf@andrew.cmu.edu you clearly
>>> stated a technical limitation that is a real reason why org-cite is not
>>> an option for you and for some other users: performance has not been
>>> optimized for large BibTeX databases. It is deserved to be mentioned.
>> FWIW, Ihor posted a patch related to this a week or so ago.
> I am optimistic concerning that patch since a couple of users confirmed 
> improvement, but it is up to John to decide if it is acceptable in 
> comparison to org-ref. I am unsure concerning startup time.

I think this will be a problem that is processor specific. It is
important that org have a reasonable performance here, but I don't think
it was a goal to have the fastest bibtex/json/etc. parser available,
just a reasonable default that works out of the box. That is, it doesn't
take too long to read the database for insertion, and fontification is
not a performance breaker, on say a moderate sized database and
org-file. Getting high performance from large databases and large files
with lots of citations (say a dissertation or big review article) takes
some work.

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