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Re: more problems with line-move

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: more problems with line-move
Date: 09 Mar 2004 13:59:37 -0500
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> I designed my invisible-intangible patch to prevent such inconsistent
> behavior.  The idea is that position B is part of the range of
> off-limits positions, even though the character between B and B+1 is
> neither invisible or intangible.  Therefore, the inconsistency of
> A or B cannot happen.

Given the fact that I have never seen such a situation in practice,
I figured it was safer to not impose any such constraint (i.e. stay closer
to the previous behavior where point could be anywhere betwen A and B).

If you want to add this new behavior where B is always off-limit, then be
careful to only add it if the invisible text has no ellipsis.

>     But yes, we can sometimes reach point A and sometimes point B (both
>     ends of a non-sticky invisible extent of text) depending on how the
>     user gets to this text.  For sticky invisible text, this should
>     not happen.

> How does stickiness affect it?  Perhaps telling people to use stickiness
> in certain ways is a solution.  Or perhaps this code should be changed
> in regard to how it depends on stickiness.

If the invisibility is sticky at one end, then this end is basically marked
as "off-limits".


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