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Re: more problems with line-move

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: more problems with line-move
Date: 14 Mar 2004 18:45:48 -0500
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>> How does stickiness affect it?  Perhaps telling people to use stickiness
>> in certain ways is a solution.  Or perhaps this code should be changed
>> in regard to how it depends on stickiness.
>     If the invisibility is sticky at one end, then this end is basically
>     marked as "off-limits".
> Is there a rationale for depending on stickiness in this way?

The rationale is that we try to place point such that inserting a char will
result in a visible new char rather than an invisible one.

> It seems to me that when all stickiness properties are nil, which is
> the default case, we should get behavior similar to that of my
> invisible-intangible patch.  Is that correct?

Yes.  In that case the tail is sticky so point is either moved to A or to
B+1, just like in your invisible-intangible code.


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