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Re: [Enigma-devel] Re: Reordering Enigma level packs.

From: Karen Pouelle
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Re: Reordering Enigma level packs.
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 23:54:02 +0000

Impressive!  I started to do this and just ran out of creative judgement -
I just couldn't rate the levels on the criteria.  I like the added knowledge
and speed ratings - it will give more depth to the ratings in case of ties.

But what I was suggesting as a note with each level, was something like
this (which is as far as I got):

Enigma1/welcome introduces oxyd pairing 
Enigma1/martin06 introduces additional oxyd colors and dummy oxyds,
and document item
Enigma1/level4d introduces movable stones, hollow stones. Note: "You
lost!" document isn't always correct.
Enigma1/level3a introduces invisible stones.
Enigma1/martin04 introduces push boxes, triggers, lasers, and gates.
Enigma1/martin15 introduces Death Stones
Enigma1/martin35 introduces Gradients
Enigma1/martin08 introduces Shogun switches and laser-opening of oxyds
Enigma1/martin19 introduces items hidden under stones, floppy switch,
on/off switch, bump stones and more!

The re-ordering will hopefully bring about better introduction levels.

The level "Running Rings" has the rings start in the same position each
time the level is run, so I managed to find a way to run the level by timing
and repetition - I played a pattern and beat it.  "Jump and Run" required a 
few leaps of faith to establish where ledges were to find oxyds. They were
not too difficult, but I have more than eight that I haven't solved, so I 
can't brag too much.  My Enigma skill set isn't as big, but I can tell
that the ratings will be somewhat subjective, so the more people rating,
the more the ratings will seem to be in agreement to everyone.


On 7/21/05, Andreas Lochmann <address@hidden> wrote:
> Here is a ranking list for the Enigma 1-Level-Pack,
> embedded in the ordinary level-index. Apart from
> Daniels and Moon Pearls criteria (intelligence,
> dexterity, patience, knowledge) I added "speed"
> as fifth axe and fine-tuned the single categories,
> you can see this in the second attachment.
> I'll continue with a more precise description (which
> will be somewhat lengthy); so, if you're not interested
> in how I did the ranking, you may skip the rest of
> the mail.
> First of all: 8 Levels are not yet rated, because I
> didn't know how to solve them. These are:
> - level6a  = Space Pirates
> - level4f  = Running Rings
> - level2d  = Tricks & Traps
> - level6c  = Jump And Run
> - ant11    = Cannonball
> - duffy5   = Just Moving Blocks?
> - duffy12  = Just A Maze?
> - level11a = Domain of Mysteries

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