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Re: [Enigma-devel] Re: Reordering Enigma level packs.

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Re: Reordering Enigma level packs.
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 01:07:41 +0200
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Here is a ranking list for the Enigma 1-Level-Pack,
embedded in the ordinary level-index. Apart from
Daniels and Moon Pearls criteria (intelligence,
dexterity, patience, knowledge) I added "speed"
as fifth axe and fine-tuned the single categories,
you can see this in the second attachment.

I'll continue with a more precise description (which
will be somewhat lengthy); so, if you're not interested
in how I did the ranking, you may skip the rest of
the mail.

First of all: 8 Levels are not yet rated, because I
didn't know how to solve them. These are:
- level6a  = Space Pirates
- level4f  = Running Rings
- level2d  = Tricks & Traps
- level6c  = Jump And Run
- ant11    = Cannonball
- duffy5   = Just Moving Blocks?
- duffy12  = Just A Maze?
- level11a = Domain of Mysteries
Their ratings are all set to zero and may be found via
"search 'int=0'". Furthermore, I only rated normal mode.

I embedded the ranking with additional attributes
"int=", "dex=", "pat=", "kno=", "spe=", as I think
that this will be the easiest way to use them in Enigma.
(However, these attributes are not supported yet, so
Enigma can't parse the index-file.)

I basically used Daniels System with ratings between
1 and 5 (for knowledge between 1 and 6). Yet they
differ in the first levels from what Daniel suggested.
Rating is subjective, and as such, everyone might get
to other ratings or think that I misrated some of the
levels. (So you're invited to do your own rating, but
I won't change mine as long as it isn't for two directly
comparable levels.)

I tried to be consistent in the rating, using the "definitions"
in "ranking_scheme.txt" (attachment). To keep consistency,
I will continue with rating the levels in Enigma 2 and 3
independently of what discussion might evolve in response.

Karen proposed to give a note for the "knowledge"
where the used techniques first appeared instead of an
actual rating. I think this is somewhat sensible, but not
yet possible, as we don't know the future ordering of the
levels yet. So I took the "Advanced Tutorial" from Jacob
as reference ("kno=3"). This might be an unlucky choice,
because e.g. impulse-stones, thieves and rubber-bands
don't appear in it. These I have given "kno=4". Deeper
knowledge of the game is "kno=5": this only concerns
"Over The Lake" (here a seet must grow inside a grate)
and "Robbery" (for which one must know that cracks
are items). Some levels use unique mechanisms, like
"MetaPuzzle", "Flood Gates" or "Everhungry". These
levels I gave "kno=6", although it doesn't quite fit to
the other ratings numerically. Altogether, I think that
the knowledge-rating should be included in the
ordering, but only with half weight. I think of
something like   3*int + 2*dex + 2*pat + kno + 2*spe.

Concerning the difference between "dexterity" and
"patience": Most manoevre-situations can be solved
by exactness *or* repetition. So I decided to use
"dex" mainly for situations in which the marble
otherwise could by destroyed; typically balancing-acts.
In contrast to these, simple "hit-as-often-as-you-can-and-
you-will-get-it-eventually"-levels have been (mostly)
rated via "pat". High "pat"-values are typically (but
not only) mazes.

The new speed-rating is meant to measure time-limits
and rotors/tops in the level, but can also correspond to
trains or special balancing acts. It's mostly 1.

Finally, what does "intelligence" mean?
I rated the "int"-value in principle by asking:
 Assume, I know every object-type and interaction.
 Can I see the solution at once? => "int=1"
 Do I have to move or try a little bit? => "int=2"
 Do I have to search or use a standard algorithm? => "int=3"
 Do I have to plan ahead? => "int=4"
 Is it a really puzzling problem? => "int=5"
(Under the Enigma 1-levels, only "Control Panel" made
it to "int=5"; modulo the 8 unrated levels of course.)

If there remain any questions, please ask.

As next, some script or so to sort the index-files according
to a given function of the five values would be of interest.
Maybe there is someone who could do this?
And maybe there is someone to rate the remaining eight

nice greetings,


-- not ranked: level6a  = Space Pirates
--             level4f  = Running Rings
--             level2d  = Tricks & Traps
--             level6c  = Jump And Run
--             ant11    = Cannonball
--             duffy5   = Just Moving Blocks?
--             duffy12  = Just A Maze?
--             level11a = Domain of Mysteries

{ file=welcome                      name="Welcome"                 
author="Daniel Heck"                   easymode=1  par_time_easy=2,Johannes    
par_time_normal=2,Ingo+Johannes    revision=2  int=1  dex=1  pat=1  kno=1  
spe=2  }
{ file=martin06                     name="Is It Easy?"             
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=9,Duffy+Ingo  int=2  dex=1  
pat=2  kno=1  spe=1  }
{ file=level4d                      name="Pharaoh's Tomb"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=12,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=level3a                      name="Feel Your Way"           
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=25,Stephanie  int=1  dex=1  
pat=3  kno=1  spe=1  }
{ file=martin04                     name="Sokoban Revival"         
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=81,Duffy  int=2  dex=2  pat=2  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=martin15                     name="Black Is Beautiful"      
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=33,Duffy  int=2  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=1  spe=1  }
{ file=martin35                     name="Round Trip"              
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=23,Ralf  int=1  dex=1  pat=2  
kno=1  spe=1  }
{ file=martin08                     name="Light Switches"          
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=9,Ingo  int=1  dex=3  pat=1  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=martin19                     name="Floppy Swapping"         
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=40,Ingo  int=2  dex=2  pat=1  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=meditation1                  name="- Meditation -"          author=""    
                          par_time=7,Duffy+Johannes+Ralf  int=1  dex=1  pat=1  
kno=1  spe=1  }

{ file=nat5                         name="Push Them In"            
author="Andreas Persenius, Nat Pryce"  par_time=159,Stephanie  int=3  dex=3  
pat=2  kno=1  spe=1  }
{ file=martin27                     name="It's Magic"              
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=147,Johannes  int=2  dex=2  
pat=2  kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level7a                      name="Ice Skating"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=23,Duffy  int=1  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=lasers101                    name="Lasers 101"              
author="Daniel Heck"                   par_time=29,Duffy  int=1  dex=2  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=space                        name="The Grim Reaper"         
author="Daniel Heck"                   easymode=1  par_time_easy=15,Johannes   
par_time_normal=16,Duffy  int=1  dex=3  pat=2  kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=nat3                         name="Knock Knock!"            author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=13,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=1  kno=2  spe=1 
{ file=martin93                     name="Slalom Skiing"           
author="Martin Hawlisch"               easymode=1  par_time_easy=13,Stephanie  
par_time_normal=8,Duffy  int=1  dex=3  pat=2  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=ant01                        name="Puzzle Hacker"           author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=130,Stephanie  int=3  dex=2  pat=2  kno=2  
spe=1  }
{ file=nat7                         name="Sok It To 'Em"           author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=159,Duffy  int=2  dex=2  pat=2  kno=2  
spe=1  }

{ file=meditation6                  name="- Meditation -"          author=""    
                          par_time=5,Duffy+Ingo  int=1  dex=1  pat=2  kno=1  
spe=1  }

{ file=level1c                      name="Push? Pull!"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=97,Stephanie  int=4  dex=2  
pat=3  kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=mirrors                      name="Way To Go"               
author="Daniel Heck"                   par_time=49,Stephanie  int=3  dex=2  
pat=2  kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level4a                      name="The Doors"               
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=98,Daniel  int=1  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=level3f                      name="Water Holes"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=143,Stephanie  int=3  dex=3  
pat=3  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=level2a                      name="Black Holes"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=22,Johannes  int=1  dex=4  
pat=2  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=level3e                      name="Tubes"                   
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=132,Draknek  int=4  dex=2  
pat=2  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=martin12                     name="Archipelago"             
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=179,Stephanie  int=2  dex=4  
pat=2  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=level1f                      name="Swap Swap"               
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=59,Duffy  int=4  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level4b                      name="Push your way"           
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=92,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=1  }

{ file=meditation5                  name="- Meditation -"          author=""    
                          par_time=6,Ingo  int=1  dex=4  pat=2  kno=1  spe=1  }

{ file=level6b                      name="Bridgebuilder"           
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=230,Draknek  int=4  dex=2  
pat=2  kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level6a                      name="Space Pirates"           
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=62,Ralf                
revision=2  int=0  dex=0  pat=0  kno=0  spe=0  }
{ file=martin14                     name="Mission Impossible"      
author="Martin Hawlisch"               easymode=1  par_time_easy=21,Stephanie  
par_time_normal=22,Stephanie  int=2  dex=3  pat=3  kno=3  spe=2  }
{ file=level5f                      name="Send More Money"         
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=41,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=2  }
{ file=martin38                     name="Slippery Slopes"         
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=6,Daniel  int=1  dex=3  pat=1  
kno=1  spe=2  }
{ file=martin33                     name="Not Hard Atoll"          
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=25,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=2  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=nat6                         name="Twelve Doors"            author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=193,Duffy  int=3  dex=3  pat=3  kno=4  
spe=1  }
{ file=level5a                      name="Pickpockets"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=20,Johannes  int=2  dex=3  
pat=3  kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level4f                      name="Running Rings"           
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=292,Stephanie  int=0  dex=0  
pat=0  kno=0  spe=0  }

{ file=meditation9                  name="- Meditation -"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=20,Johannes  int=3  dex=3  
pat=2  kno=4  spe=1  }

{ file=level5e                      name="Chain Reaction"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=108,Holger  int=4  dex=3  pat=2 
 kno=4  spe=2  }
{ file=martin30                     name="The Prison"              
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=67,Stephanie  int=2  dex=3  
pat=3  kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=nat1                         name="Indoor Pool"             author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=84,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=2  kno=2  spe=1 
{ file=martin31                     name="The Racetrack"           
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=77,Duffy  int=1  dex=5  pat=3  
kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=martin17                     name="The Sargasso Sea"        
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=386,Stephanie  int=4  dex=4  
pat=2  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=level4e                      name="Moonwalking"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=45,Draknek  int=2  dex=4  pat=2 
 kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=level6d                      name="Painting"                
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=219,Ingo  int=3  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=3  }
{ file=level2d                      name="Tricks & Traps"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=396,Stephanie  int=0  dex=0  
pat=0  kno=0  spe=0  }
{ file=nat2                         name="Duck and Cover"          author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=38,Johannes  int=3  dex=3  pat=3  kno=2  
spe=3  }

-- already in index_esprit.txt {file=meditation8          name="- Meditation -" 
                author="Siegfried Fennig"       }
-- Another meditation level should be used here.

{ file=martin39                     name="Eraser Please!"          
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=11,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=1  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level2f                      name="Uhh-Steady!"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=31,Ingo  int=2  dex=4  pat=3  
kno=3  spe=2  }
{ file=martin37                     name="Watery Grave"            
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=11,Ralf  int=1  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=2  spe=2  }
{ file=level5b                      name="Break and Enter"         
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=93,Ingo+Stephanie  int=2  dex=4 
 pat=3  kno=4  spe=3  }
{ file=level6c                      name="Jump And Run"            
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=186,Ronald  int=0  dex=0  pat=0 
 kno=0  spe=0  }
{ file=martin26                     name="Back And Forth"          
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=15,Johannes  int=2  dex=2  
pat=1  kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=level6f                      name="Hidden Treasure"         
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=69,Ingo  int=4  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=martin02                     name="Mossy Paths"             
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=248,Ingo  int=3  dex=1  pat=4  
kno=1  spe=1  }
{ file=qq1                          name="Light Barriers"          
author="Andrzej Szombierski"           par_time=241,Duffy  int=4  dex=2  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=3  }

{ file=daniel1                      name="- Meditation -"          
author="Daniel Heck"                   par_time=5,Ingo  int=2  dex=4  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=1  }

{ file=level3d                      name="Good Luck!"              
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=65,Ingo  int=2  dex=4  pat=4  
kno=3  spe=2  }
{ file=level9a                      name="Mirror Shop"             
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=11,Duffy  int=4  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=2  }
{ file=qq3                          name="Stomp Stomp"             
author="Andrzej Szombierski"           par_time=38,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=2  }
{ file=level2c                      name="Find The Way Out"        
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=28,Duffy  int=3  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level9c                      name="Basement"                
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=24,Duffy  int=2  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=ant18                        name="Ingrowing"               author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=37,Stephanie  int=2  dex=3  pat=2  kno=1  
spe=1  }
{ file=ant09                        name="Escher's World"          author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=20,Duffy  int=1  dex=4  pat=3  kno=1  spe=2  
{ file=ant13                        name="Impulsive"               author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=412,Ralf  int=4  dex=3  pat=3  kno=4  spe=1  
{ file=natmaze6                     name="Magritte"                author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=220,Daniel  int=3  dex=2  pat=4  kno=2  
spe=1  }

{ file=meditation13                 name="- Meditation -"          author=""    
                          par_time=5,Ingo+Ralf  int=1  dex=2  pat=1  kno=4  
spe=2  }

{ file=martin70                     name="Pools"                   
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=10,Duffy  int=1  dex=4  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level8e                      name="Light Switches"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=20,Ronald  int=3  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=3  }
{ file=martin66                     name="A Narrow Path"           
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=25,Duffy  int=1  dex=4  pat=2  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=ant03                        name="MetaPuzzle"              author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=75,Stephanie  int=3  dex=2  pat=2  kno=6  
spe=1  }
{ file=duffy13                      name="Space Tubes"             
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=15,Duffy  int=2  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=2  }
{ file=qq2                          name="The Cage"                
author="Andrzej Szombierski"           par_time=135,Ant  int=4  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=2  }
{ file=level8d                      name="Sentinels"               
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=113,Johannes  int=2  dex=3  
pat=3  kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=ant04                        name="The Tomb"                author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=114,Ingo  int=4  dex=2  pat=2  kno=4  spe=1  
{ file=natmaze1                     name="Desert Ruins"            author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=148,Johannes  int=3  dex=1  pat=4  kno=1  
spe=1  }

{ file=meditation14                 name="- Meditation -"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=9,Duffy  int=1  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=1  }

{ file=ant12                        name="Black Lava"              author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=13,Ant  int=1  dex=4  pat=2  kno=1  spe=1  }
{ file=nat8                         name="Flood Gates"             author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=110,Ingo  int=4  dex=3  pat=3  kno=6  spe=4 
{ file=nat9                         name="Balancing Act"           author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=18,Duffy  int=1  dex=3  pat=2  kno=1  spe=1 
{ file=ant07                        name="Automaton Magic"         author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=30,Stephanie  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  kno=4  
spe=2  }
{ file=martin58                     name="Sheet Of Ice"            
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=52,Duffy  int=1  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level7c                      name="No Trespassing"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=308,Johannes  int=3  dex=2  
pat=2  kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=martin60                     name=".J.U.M.P."               
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=47,Duffy  int=2  dex=4  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=nat4                         name="Walk The Plank"          author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=139,Nat  int=4  dex=4  pat=3  kno=2  spe=2  
{ file=natmaze2                     name="Shipwreck"               author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=299,Stephanie  int=3  dex=3  pat=4  kno=1  
spe=1  }

{ file=ant16                        name="- Meditation -"          author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=9,Johannes  int=1  dex=4  pat=3  kno=4  
spe=1  }

{ file=ant14                        name="Dancers"                 author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=36,Ant+Ralf+Stephanie  int=3  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=3  }
{ file=christophanita_runningstone  name="Running Stone"           
author="Christoph & Anita"             par_time=74,Duffy  int=4  dex=3  pat=1  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level9e                      name="Where's The Gardener?"   
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=36,Duffy  int=2  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=2  }
{ file=level9d                      name="Over the Lake"           
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=40,Ralf  int=4  dex=4  pat=3  
kno=5  spe=1  }
{ file=martin71                     name="Follow the Leader"       
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=75,Ralf  int=2  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=3  }
{ file=duffy15                      name="Bumperball"              
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=315,Johannes  int=3  dex=3  
pat=3  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=martin68                     name="Where am I?"             
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=38,Duffy  int=3  dex=1  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=level10b                     name="Space Travels"           
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=224,Duffy  int=4  dex=1  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=natmaze3                     name="Gopher It"               author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=255,Stephanie  int=3  dex=1  pat=5  kno=4  
spe=1  }

{ file=ant24                        name="- Meditation -"          author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=43,Johannes  int=3  dex=3  pat=2  kno=4  
spe=1  }

{ file=ant26                        name="Spiders"                 author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=49,Duffy  int=2  dex=5  pat=3  kno=3  spe=1  
{ file=duffy1                       name="Meditation Puzzle"       
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=90,Duffy  int=4  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=ant20                        name="Come To Me"              author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=12,Ralf  int=2  dex=4  pat=3  kno=3  spe=2  }
{ file=level9f                      name="Corridors"               
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=178,Duffy  int=3  dex=3  pat=4  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=ant06                        name="Dustwalkers"             author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=38,Ant  int=2  dex=3  pat=3  kno=6  spe=4  }
{ file=duffy3                       name="Laser Spiral"            
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=77,Duffy  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=ant32                        name="Everhungry"              author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=5,Daniel+Holger+Ingo  int=2  dex=3  pat=1  
kno=6  spe=1  }
{ file=ant05                        name="The Turtle"              author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=69,Stephanie  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  kno=6  
spe=1  }
{ file=natmaze5                     name="Grow Your Own"           author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=733,Duffy  int=2  dex=3  pat=4  kno=6  
spe=1  }

{ file=meditation16                 name="- Meditation -"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=2,Draknek  int=1  dex=4  pat=2  
kno=1  spe=1  }

{ file=ant21                        name="Draggers"                author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=16,Johannes  int=2  dex=4  pat=4  kno=4  
spe=2  }
{ file=duffy2                       name="The Disappearing Block"  
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=83,Duffy  int=3  dex=4  pat=4  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=martin73                     name="Space Fishing"           
author="Martin Hawlisch"               par_time=224,Ronald  int=2  dex=5  pat=3 
 kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=ant29                        name="Robbery"                 author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=15,Duffy+Ralf  int=2  dex=3  pat=1  kno=5  
spe=1  }
{ file=ant02                        name="Go!"                     author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=18,Duffy  int=2  dex=4  pat=2  kno=6  spe=3  
{ file=ant30                        name="Laser Magic"             author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=10,Duffy  int=2  dex=2  pat=2  kno=3  spe=1  
{ file=ant11                        name="Cannonball"              author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=77,Ant  int=0  dex=0  pat=0  kno=0  spe=0  }
{ file=duffy10                      name="Islands"                 
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=64,Duffy  int=4  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=natmaze4                     name="Space Walk"              author="Nat 
Pryce"                     par_time=1701,Markus  int=3  dex=4  pat=5  kno=3  
spe=1  }

{ file=meditation15                 name="- Meditation -"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=36,Ralf  int=1  dex=3  pat=3  
kno=1  spe=1  }

{ file=duffy7                       name="Jump!"                   
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=50,Duffy  int=2  dex=4  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=duffy8                       name="Checkerboard"            
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=82,Duffy  int=4  dex=3  pat=2  
kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=ant10                        name="Circularity"             author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=31,Ingo  int=1  dex=4  pat=3  kno=6  spe=3  }
{ file=duffy5                       name="Just Moving Blocks?"     
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=53,Markus  int=0  dex=0  pat=0  
kno=0  spe=0  }
{ file=duffy14                      name="Slinky-Racing"           
author="Jacob Scott"                   easymode=1  par_time_easy=27,Ralf       
par_time_normal=26,Ralf  int=2  dex=4  pat=3  kno=4  spe=4  }
{ file=duffy6                       name="Boulder-Puzzle"          
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=95,Duffy  int=4  dex=4  pat=2  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=ant28                        name="Wild"                    author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=16,Ralf  int=1  dex=1  pat=3  kno=2  spe=1  }
{ file=duffy4                       name="The Document"            
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=91,Duffy  int=4  dex=1  pat=3  
kno=6  spe=1  }
{ file=duffy9                       name="Double-Maze"             
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=76,Ingo  int=3  dex=1  pat=3  
kno=6  spe=1  }

{ file=meditation17                 name="- Meditation -"          
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=11,Ingo  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=1  }

{ file=ant22                        name="Chained"                 author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=33,Stephanie  int=1  dex=3  pat=3  kno=2  
spe=1  }
{ file=duffy12                      name="Just a Maze?"            
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=92,Duffy  int=0  dex=0  pat=0  
kno=0  spe=0  }
{ file=duffy11                      name="The Race"                
author="Jacob Scott"                   easymode=1  par_time_easy=52,Duffy      
par_time_normal=58,Duffy+Johannes  int=2  dex=3  pat=2  kno=4  spe=5  }
{ file=duffy17                      name="Double-Spiral"           
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=469,Duffy  int=4  dex=2  pat=4  
kno=4  spe=1  }
{ file=ant08                        name="Mourning Palace"         author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=141,Ingo_K  int=1  dex=4  pat=3  kno=6  
spe=3  }
{ file=duffy16                      name="Control Panel"           
author="Jacob Scott"                   par_time=124,Duffy  int=5  dex=2  pat=2  
kno=3  spe=1  }
{ file=ant25                        name="Dependants"              author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=18,Stephanie  int=2  dex=3  pat=4  kno=2  
spe=3  }
{ file=level11b                     name="Question of Speed"       
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=14,Ralf  int=3  dex=2  pat=3  
kno=4  spe=2  }
{ file=ant27                        name="Pain"                    author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=13,Duffy  int=1  dex=4  pat=1  kno=2  spe=4  

{ file=ant23                        name="- Meditation -"          author="Petr 
Machata"                  par_time=272,Duffy  int=2  dex=4  pat=4  kno=3  spe=1 

{ file=level11a                     name="Domain of Mysteries"     
author="Siegfried Fennig"              par_time=213,Duffy  int=0  dex=0  pat=0  
kno=0  spe=0  }
int: Intelligence and Creativity
  1 = I know where I am, I know where to go and how
      to get there; without even moving the marble!
  2 = Okay, give me a minute to orient myself...
  3 = There's some standard algorithm to solve this...
      (like e.g. mazes or slight variations of them)
  4 = Trial-and-error won't work and there is no
      algorithm to solve it quickly... some kind of
      code or advanced planning or so... 
  5 = ...some difficult kind of code...

dex: Dexterity
  1 = It doesn't matter what I touch;
      this level is damn-proof.
  2 = Okay, there are some lethal positions I
      shouldn't move the level into.
  3 = The standard one-row-to-death-way
  4 = Pushing without falling?
  5 = Pushing without falling ten times in a row?

pat: Patience
  1 = I solved it right after understanding the level.
  2 = I needed some time but it wasn't boring.
  3 = Okay, some minutes. But the landscape is nice...
  4 = I know what to do but it doesn't seem to end...
  5 = This really needs discipline.

kno: Knowledge of the game
  1 = Must...open...oxyd...stones...
      Everything else is explained. (e.g. Tutorials)
  2 = Simple mechanics, like pushing and
      bridge-building, connected and unconnected 
      puzzle-stones (no item-transformations)
  3 = Playing the Advanced Tutorial is enough
  4 = Standard-stones that are not shown in the tutorial
  5 = Needs deeper understanding of the game,
      like: cracks are items, too.
  6 = This level uses a (more or less) unique
      mechanism. (However, this mechanism may
      or may not be easy to understand, e.g.
      "Flood Control"; this goes into the

spe: Speed
  1 = No time limit.
  2 = Don't stop for too long.
      (e.g. something slow is chasing me or swamp)
  3 = There is a proper time limit of some kind.
  4 = Don't stop.
      (e.g. something fast is chasing me)
  5 = Hurry up!

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