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Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile

From: Charlie Jiang
Subject: Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 14:44:46 +0800
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Hi Werner,

Thanks for the response!

* There seems to be a severe problem with the 'Singular Grid View',
   see attached image: The outline and the bitmap are not properly
   overlapping.  Maybe a plus/minus mixup somewhere?

Will check this out later. I've rewritten the rendering part for about 2~3 times, so there must be somewhere mistakenly changed for the continuous view, but is breaking for the single grid view.

Continuous View:

* It would be nice to have a similar feature to the TAB key in
   `ftstring`, namely to have some default strings in various scripts.
* What do you think about greying out the text box (holding 'The
   quick...') if the 'Text Source' field is not 'Text String'?
This is already been done and works at my side. Is it not greying out under Linux?
* Clicking the 'Vertical' checkbox, the text is positioned flush-left,
   and the left half of it is not displayed (see attached image).  I
   suggest that you center this, probably also displaying a thin, gray
   line to indicate the y axis.

Well, you can use the "pos" slider to move it to the center. This mimics the behavior of `ftstring`'s Left/Right key. Maybe I can just set the default position to the center?

* Pressing the 'Waterfall' checkbox, I see a single red square (see
   attached image); for the 'msyh.ttc' font I use for testing, it
   disappears if I increase the size to 27pt.
The "red square" is actually a mark for a glyph with zero hori. advance. In your case, this may indicate the wrong calculation of initial size and step size. I'll look into this later.
* The 'Continuous View' window is so big.  However, for a text string,
   only a single line is shown (i.e., newlines are ignored), which
   additionally doesn't get wrapped (see attached image).  Maybe this
   can be improved somehow?
Enlisted, but this requires handling of y advance, and is not applicable for waterfall. Since `ftstring` don't have this feature as well, I may need more time to get it implemented
* Still testing with `msyh.ttc`: In the 'Char Map' combobox, selecting
   the '1: Unicode (unic)' fails; it immediately jumps back to 'Glyph

Mine is working well... Could you attach more details (e.g. Source, Mode)?

There's only one place where the CharMap combobox is changed programatically. If the problem persists, please try to add a breakpoint after you've loaded the font and switch to the continuous mode, and at `panels/continuous.cpp:152`, then switch the charmap to see the backtrace.

* Apropos 'Char Map': Showing '0: Unicode (unic)' and '1: Unicode
   (unic)' is not optimal.  To make this more user-friendly, the
   PID/EID pair (platform/encoding ID) together with the format should
   be displayed.  Example:

   0: Unicode (0,3) format 4
   1: Unicode (3,1) format 4


Charlie Jiang

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