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Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Commit 4f3a8eba3a doesn't compile
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 06:10:35 +0000 (UTC)

> Now fixed and switched to meson, please try again.

It works, thanks, and it looks good!  My usual round of comments while
playing a bit around.

Single Grid View:

* There seems to be a severe problem with the 'Singular Grid View',
  see attached image: The outline and the bitmap are not properly
  overlapping.  Maybe a plus/minus mixup somewhere?

Continuous View:

* It would be nice to have a similar feature to the TAB key in
  `ftstring`, namely to have some default strings in various scripts.

* What do you think about greying out the text box (holding 'The
  quick...') if the 'Text Source' field is not 'Text String'?

* Clicking the 'Vertical' checkbox, the text is positioned flush-left,
  and the left half of it is not displayed (see attached image).  I
  suggest that you center this, probably also displaying a thin, gray
  line to indicate the y axis.

* Pressing the 'Waterfall' checkbox, I see a single red square (see
  attached image); for the 'msyh.ttc' font I use for testing, it
  disappears if I increase the size to 27pt.

* The 'Continuous View' window is so big.  However, for a text string,
  only a single line is shown (i.e., newlines are ignored), which
  additionally doesn't get wrapped (see attached image).  Maybe this
  can be improved somehow?

* Still testing with `msyh.ttc`: In the 'Char Map' combobox, selecting
  the '1: Unicode (unic)' fails; it immediately jumps back to 'Glyph

* Apropos 'Char Map': Showing '0: Unicode (unic)' and '1: Unicode
  (unic)' is not optimal.  To make this more user-friendly, the
  PID/EID pair (platform/encoding ID) together with the format should
  be displayed.  Example:

  0: Unicode (0,3) format 4
  1: Unicode (3,1) format 4


PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

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