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Re: [Gnash-dev] Questions about trapezoids, triangle stripper etc.

From: strk
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Questions about trapezoids, triangle stripper etc.
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 14:07:02 +0200

Making some tests I found out that when not calling
the generate_font_bitmap(), display_glyph_records() (in text.cpp)
receive texture_glyphs for which is_renderable() returns false.

texture_glyph::is_renderable() is implemented as m_bitmap_info!=NULL.
and the texture_glyph class exposes a set_bitmap_info() function.

This seems intentionally like the solution I would have used for
the bitmap_character_def, the only difference is that in current
code the set_bitmap_info() functionis NOT called from within display,
but only from fontlib::generate_font_bitmaps() or some other descendent

So, if I understand your plan correctly, in order to fix this I should,
whenever texture_glyph::m_bitmap_info is NULL, call the renderer
to create it and cache it back to textur_glyph, correct ?


On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 01:32:39PM +0200, Udo Giacomozzi wrote:
> Hello strk,
> Monday, October 2, 2006, 12:34:55 PM, you wrote:
> s> See bug
> s> I'm looking at it and I think this is related to what you're talking about.
> It seems that fontlib.cpp generates bitmaps for each glyph in the
> movie. I think it does use this bitmap cache below a certain text
> size (that's why bigger fonts are not anti-aliased AFAIK).
> It would probably be best to (again) let the renderer handle this,
> meaning that a single glyph is just like a typical character
> definition. The renderer can create it's own cache on demand.
> This, in turn, means that glyphs are always rendered at play time
> which should eliminate that problem. Also, we have probably better
> control over caching mechanism (one could disable caching completely
> to save memory or maximize it for speed).
> Again, the base render_handler class would probably use the same
> method Gnash currently uses (creating bitmap caches).
> Any caching mechanism for the drawing part should go into the renderer
> class...
> What do you think?
> Udo


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